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A unique way to automate your offer process.

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Create and customize campaigns on our platform by setting specific filters tailored to your investment strategies. Choose your desired property types and pinpoint the locations you want to target. With dozens of filters, define your ideal buy-box.

Step 2


Create a powerful communication drip sequence to maximize your chances of successful negotiations. Automatically personalize each offer by setting up your contract and attachments to be pre-filled with property and homeowner information.

Step 3


Lets go to work, finding and automating offers on the most desirable properties you have trained it to find! Whether you want to send just a few offers or hundreds each day, you control the number of offers sent to ensure your team remains maximally effective.

A new and untapped real estate inveting channel.

Unlock an exclusive lead channel that generates warm inbound leads from on-market, FSBO, and expired listings. Stand out from the 89% of your competition who overlook these opportunities by automating your approach and efficiently uncovering lucrative deals.
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Getting more deals means sending more offers. Why not automate that process with AI?

Your Buy-Box

See all your market opportunities by specifying your desired buy-box and strategy. This targeted approach ensures you uncover only the most lucrative deals for your business

Offers At Scale

Ready to send more volume? Add new campaigns, target different properties and follow up on existing deals.

Here's how our offer platform has helped others

Awesome platform

I used to waste a ton of time pulling and sending offers for on market deals. With Hey Rafi, we have completely automated the offer process; all my team does is pick up the phone on in-bound calls.

Bill Beck

Rise Home Buyers

Need just a little more information?

Have questions about our service? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to book a demo or contact us and our team will be happy to assist you!

How does it work?

Our streamlined process empowers you to focus on closing deals while we handle the legwork of lead generation. Here's how it works:

  1. Partnership & Integration: We begin by partnering with you to understand your investment strategy and target markets. We then seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing CRM and email service provider, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  2. Customization & Targeting: Together, we define your ideal property profile, including location, type (rental opportunities, flips, buy and hold), and other desired filters.
  3. Automated Lead Generation: Our AI-powered platform takes over, scouring the market to identify properties that meet your criteria. You'll receive a curated list of high-potential leads, allowing you to prioritize the most promising opportunities.

Maximize Efficiency with Automation (Optional):

For ultimate efficiency, enable our automated offer submission feature. This allows us to automatically send out offers for every lead we identify, freeing up your time for crucial deal negotiations and closings.

What about other investors in my market?

One Partner, One Market

We believe in fostering strong, exclusive partnerships. That's why we implement a one-partner-per-market strategy. When you join our network, you become the sole user of our platform within your target market.

This unique approach provides you with several advantages:

  • Eliminate Competition: Focus on securing the best deals without worrying about other investors using the same tools and strategies.
  • Maximize Market Potential: Be the first mover and fully capitalize on the opportunities within your market and get best practices from other users in other markets.
  • Build Stronger Relationships: Enjoy dedicated support and personalized service as our valued partner.

Transparency & Collaboration:

While we maintain exclusivity within markets, we foster a collaborative environment across our network. You'll have access to industry insights and best practices shared by leading investors like yourself.

How many offers can I send at a time?

Our platform allows you to send any volume of offers without limitations. This empowers you to reach a broader audience and maximize deal opportunities."

Best Practices

While there are no technical limitations, we recommend tailoring your outreach strategy to your business size and resources. For optimal results, consider industry best practices for communication volume to avoid overwhelming potential leads.

Who are the offers coming from?

You're in the Driver's Seat: Authentic Communication from Your Business

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring all offers appear to come directly from your business. This maintains brand control and fosters trust with potential leads who recognize your established brand identity.

Boost Credibility & Response Rates

By leveraging your brand reputation and communication style, you increase the credibility and overall effectiveness of your offers. We also provide best practices to help you craft compelling messages that resonate with both agents and homeowners.

How effective is the channel?

The effectiveness of our platform hinges primarily on your strategy. We provide the tools and high-potential leads, while your skilled acquisitions team secures and negotiates each deal. This empowers you to tailor strategies for different investment types (assignments, sub2, novations, buy-and-hold), maximizing performance based on your unique goals."

How we measure impact

Our platform tracks key metrics, providing valuable insights into engagement, conversion rates, and overall campaign performance. This data empowers you to continuously refine your strategy and optimize your outreach for maximum effectiveness.

How does pricing work?

Each market is unique!

Our pricing reflects this by considering two key factors: market activity (number of listings) and population size. This ensures you pay a fair monthly price that aligns with the potential deal flow within your target market.

Additional Considerations

There is also a one-time onboarding fee to cover the initial setup and training process. This ensures you get the most out of our platform from day one.

Get a Clear Quote & Explore Your Options Today!

We are committed to transparent communication. Contact our sales team today to receive a personalized quote outlining the monthly pricing for your specific market. 

How are we targeting opportunities?

Our intelligent platform goes beyond basic filters to identify a wide range of lucrative real estate opportunities. Here's how it works:

AI-Driven Property Scouting 

Our advanced AI technology scours each MLS, reviewing the descriptions and pictures to pinpoint properties with high rehab and ARV (After Repair Value) potential. This ensures you discover hidden gems that might be overlooked by traditional methods.

Cash Flow Powerhouses 

We also identify properties primed for strong rental cash flow, providing a steady income stream for your portfolio.

Unlocking Creative Strategies 

Beyond rehab and rentals, our platform explores properties with the potential for various creative investing strategies, catering to diverse investment goals.

What this means for you:

Broader Opportunity Landscape: Gain access to a wider range of investment possibilities that align with your unique goals.

Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed investment choices based on real estate data and AI analysis.

Unleash Your Investing Potential: Discover hidden gems and explore creative strategies to maximize your returns.

Unlock Exclusive Access & Automate The Offer Process Now.